Garden Exploration | SLC

I'm trying my hand at some mini urban gardening this year. My mom always attempted a garden when I was younger and would let me get dirty with her, even if I wasn't much help. However, as a nurse, she could never manage to keep plants alive (ironically) with her unpredictable schedule.  

Hopefully I have better luck (aka I work normal hours).

What little I've accomplished so far has been absolutely invigorating. I can't believe that I have the power to feed myself from my own backyard! Which is crazy because that's like Human 101. Why do we only grow sprouts in elementary school? Why did I have to learn all of this after school? When my seeds began to pop out of the soil I felt all the wonder of grade school returning to me. 

I learn something new everyday. It's a little piece of earth that I can make a difference on. So of course, some photos as tribute. 

... unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.