Travel | Moab | Little People in Big Places

I took a little sanity President's Day weekend trip to Moab, Utah. It is one of my favorite places on earth. The massive expanses you can find there are humbling and inspiring. It was gloomy and rainy most of the time which was perfect since it cleared out tourists and made for some spectacular sights. 

This crazy thing happened when the sun would peek through after the rain - the rocks would glow! Check out the second photo, we thought it was snow at first.

I hope you enjoy the photos and if one in particular spikes your interest prints are always available. 

Remembering to Not Forget | A Photo Journey Through Terezín

Ever since I took these photos last summer I've been hesitant to share them. I didn't want to exploit or undermine the stories of the people who were interned here. However, in the midst of the haunted halls and empty town I knew these photos were important to me. 


Terezin was a ghetto and concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. More than 150,000 people were sent there in a short 5 years and even though it wasn't actually an extermination camp, 33,000 still died due to the conditions, over crowding, and mistreatment.

What I found most notable about Terezin was that it was a front. The Nazis put the town through a "beautification" process to convince the Red Cross they were treating the prisoners fairly. The prisoners themselves were forced to create propaganda depicting a quaint life with recreation facilities, gardens, and self appointed town councils. Elderly Jews were told the camp would be their safe haven, World War I veterans thought that their service to Germany was being rewarded, and prominent Jews thought they were being given special treatment for their German nationalism with fine accommodations and protection from the war.

These crimes unfolded quickly and strategically. It was too late before the world took a closer look. We remember history to not forget so we don't have to repeat it. Don't shut down, keep listening, watch your sources, read all sides, engage with your community, don't be distracted by talking heads and comforting articles. Propaganda is powerful no matter which direction it's wilded.


Engagements | Midwest Class | Myra + Josh

You know those people you come across in life who forever change it? Myra is one of those humans. I mean, if I hadn't of met her I probably never would've experienced the flat glory of Des Monies, Iowa...

And of course a whole bunch of other things like numerous near-death experiences and all-night dance offs...

Myra and I met on a study abroad excursion in Urbino, Italy. Her bubbly personality was, at first, a deterrent to me but she quickly broke through my shell and we spent the rest of our abroad experience eating too much nutella, drinking too much wine, and fretting too much about our futures. 

Fast forward nearly three years and I find myself in Des Monies shooting engagements for the most beautiful, silly, intelligent couple--Myra and her fiance, Josh. AND in a few months, I'll be in Ireland documenting their wedding on the Cliffs of Moher! I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a second when Myra called and asked me if I would be willing to go to Ireland to be her wedding photographer. 


So while we anxiously await the wedding, here are some of my favorites from their engagement. 


Bridals | Millcreek Magic | Liz + Mike

Now that wedding season is sneaking up on us again, I figured it was high time to share these lovely bridals (and groomals) from last season.

Liz and Mike decided to do a "first look," which is always so personal when done before the actual wedding day. They also added a little twist by bringing up some of their favorite brews to share during the shoot. Not only are they some of the greatest people around, they were awesome to work with because they wanted to capture who they are as a couple and not just generic wedding photos... which I think we accomplished. 

Oh and they brought their dog. Always dog. 


Winter Mountain Engagement | Big Cottonwood Canyon

As life goes, I lost track of it and all of a sudden it's been 6 months since my last blog post. Good grief. 

This is a special session to me because the bride just so happens to be my best friend. I've been witness to every step of her relationship from the first twitter-pattion to the proposal. I'm honored to not only be her engagement photographer but also her Maid of Honor. (I won't be shooting the actual wedding so I can properly attend to my MOH duties.)

The couple is having a destination wedding in sunny Florida since their family ties go back there. So they wanted a location and season that showcased the unique landscape of Utah in contrast to Florida. What better way to do that than with the Wasatch mountains sprinkled in snow. 

Garden Exploration | SLC

I'm trying my hand at some mini urban gardening this year. My mom always attempted a garden when I was younger and would let me get dirty with her, even if I wasn't much help. However, as a nurse, she could never manage to keep plants alive (ironically) with her unpredictable schedule.  

Hopefully I have better luck (aka I work normal hours).

What little I've accomplished so far has been absolutely invigorating. I can't believe that I have the power to feed myself from my own backyard! Which is crazy because that's like Human 101. Why do we only grow sprouts in elementary school? Why did I have to learn all of this after school? When my seeds began to pop out of the soil I felt all the wonder of grade school returning to me. 

I learn something new everyday. It's a little piece of earth that I can make a difference on. So of course, some photos as tribute. 

... unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.

Erin and Miguel's Baby Bump | SLC Photo Collective

One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to document client's life events over time. This couple found me more than two years ago now looking for wedding photos. Since then, I've shot their engagement, wedding, family, maternity and soon-to-be newborn photos. It's been awesome watching them grow and also they are just some of the coolest people around. 

Here are a few photos from our maternity session at the SLC Photo Collective's natural light studio. It was my first time shooting here and I'm so glad I finally did. Personal and perfect light. Enjoy!